Intercultural training for expatriates seminar

Intercultural training for expatriates

We offer our trainings in German, English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish.
Our instruction is geared to your needs and will provide you with both cultural knowledge and proficiency in communication.
We will make sure that you are well prepared for your stay in Germany.

Choose from among the following modules:

  • Module 1: Germany: A presentation

    Information about e.g. politics, economy, society, religions, traditions and holidays

  • Module 2: Living in Germany

    Information about e. g. work, finances, living, budgeting and shopping, insurance and leisure time

  • Module 3: Working in Germany

    German Business Etiquette: Introductions, Greetings, Small Talk, Business Dinners, The unwritten rules and culture in German organisations

  • Module 4: Intercultural Training Germany

    Their perception and our perception, objectivism and subjectivism, individualism and collectivism, time planning, cultural dimensions in business interactions

  • Module 5: Intercultural Communication

    Effective communication covering linguistic and cultural aspects as well as imparting interpersonal skills. To what extent are our messages received and understood by our counterpart?