English for your business

Do you want to protect and foster your international business? This needs to be based on respectful and targeted communication.

Our native speaker trainers at derdiedas work together with the team members to determine:


  • The type of training required for specific business situations
  • The type of specialist terminology used
  • The type of individual learning plan needed
  • The type of learning material suitable in print and digital versions


These are some of the areas in which we can support you:


  • Engaging in conversation
  • Business greeting rituals
  • Breaking the ice with small talk topics
  • Discussing specific topics on the phone
  • Planning and implementing video calls and video conferences


Successful learning results can also be documented with internationally recognised language certificates (TELC, TOEFL, TOEIC®, Cambridge Exams). We can coach participants during exam preparation and registration.



We will also be happy to prepare your teams for occupational tests.