Hybrid blended learning: now and in the future


Blended learning, as a combination of face-to-face and independent E-learning (or supported by a language coach), will give your employees plenty of space to develop.


This means you can react flexibly to any social changes. We train both face-to-face and online, supporting students in self-study in between training sessions with motivating and success-orientated online tools.

The trend towards hybrid working at home and in the office will continue to change our working world: derdiedas and our language trainers are therefore fully competent with regards to video conferencing systems.

The derdiedas blended learning concept comprises:

In-person teaching (face-to-face)

Our experience has shown that the majority of students prefer printed learning material in addition to modern online tools. This has the clear advantage that the language can be learnt in a structured, compact and logical grammatical sequence, particularly during the initial face-to-face hours. Print material is also recommended for participants preparing for language exams.

Online lessons

Our language trainers start off the training program with a combination of in-person and online training. The program takes individual availability into account and will use print-based and digital tool learning materials agreed upon with the learner.

Learning material

Learners will work with derdiedas to determine the appropriate combination of online and print media. Our language trainers and their students will work together to analyse their learning style and select the teaching material.

Learning plan

A personal learning plan will be drawn up together with the learner, taking their professional and private framework conditions into account.

This is just a small selection of our options:

  • Mastering everyday situations
  • Telephone calls
  • Writing emails
  • Using specialist vocabulary
  • Holding presentations


We look forward to training you face-to-face or online!


We look forward to meeting you


We look forward to meeting you